I have been meaning to bring my "Bookshelf" section of my blog for some time now, but I always debated on what series I wanted to make the comeback with. At first I thought Harry Potter would be the obvious choice, but then again... too obvious for me to write about that one first. So, instead I have decided to shine a light on a series that is well-known, yet not a lot of people from my circle know of it. The Shadowhunter Chr...

I have always had a high interest for books with fantastical elements to it, and when I heard these were being turned into movies I knew I had to read them before I watched the movies. These books are not even on my list of books that I have yet to read, but I couldn't help but buy all three and begin my journey.

So far, I have finished the first book and I am in the process of reading the second one. I must say, the movie made...

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