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Globe trotter made in Guatemala.

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Wandering Through Paris and Milan

It has been months since I left the United States, and this is a trip that I have been looking forward to since September. There is something about Europe that calls me back, particularly Paris. Maybe it is the thrill of being in a city that I am estranged to and know only the very basics of the language, or maybe it is the fact that every corner looks like a palace. Regardless, Paris has undoubtedly taken my heart. The reason for my travels was family business, we went to Paris for a three-day fashion fair called Premier Vision. I will mainly focus on the travel aspect for this post and will cover the fair in depth for next week's post! So stay tuned for that! PARIS Just like the last time

One Year Anniversary

Happy birthday, Wandering Lion! It is amazing that a year has gone by since I created this blog, and so much has happened. I want to thank everyone that has followed this blog and all of my adventures, it means a lot that you look at this blog for inspiration. Looking back on this year, I can say that I accomplished everything that I wanted to do - from traveling to attending special events that I got to share with all of you. I got to travel for the first time ever to Europe, made my first big fashion purchase on my own, and finally move into Manhattan, just to name a few of my favorite accomplishments. For the upcoming year, I have bigger plans - but, I will not be making another anniversa

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