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Christian Grotewold

Globe trotter made in Guatemala.

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To My Bullies

I have been thinking about writing this blog post for some time now, but I always divert from it because I think it might be too much for some readers. But, after two conversations that I had with close friends about the subject I have decided it is time. If you identify with anything of what I am about to say, and you know it was you... I am not sorry. If the shoe fits, wear it bitch. As many of you know, I was born and raised in Guatemala. I went to the American School of Guatemala, and this is a school where you are with a set group of kids for 13 years of your life. Throughout these years, you get to know almost everyone that is in your class and those that are one year above and below y


Commit to something. Since I moved to Manhattan, I've been wanting to join a proper gym and I had my eyes set on Equinox. I waited almost a full year, so I could be sure that this was worth it. And it is. I want to thank one of my former coworkers, Matt, for giving me an all-access trial. This trial allowed me to try out the club and finalize my decision. If you are looking for a trial, you can only get one from a member and this allows you to go to any club for three consecutive days. The VIP pass allows you to receive either a free personal training session or a pilates class. After my trial, I knew there was no more pondering, I had to fully commit to Equinox and my fitness and join. For

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