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Christian Grotewold

Globe trotter made in Guatemala.

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Long Weekend in Seattle

When one of my good friends from high school recommended that my New Year's Resolution be to visit a friend each month, I took him up on the offer and visited him first in Seattle. I have never been to this city or the rest of Washington state, and pretty soon I was looking at flights and the best time to have a little weekend getaway. I must say, I am in desperate need to go back and explore even more! I landed in Seattle early Saturday morning, and right off the bat my friend began giving me the grand tour of his city. We first stopped at a super cute vegan restaurant called Araya's Place and helped ourselves to the delicious buffet they had. Having been traveling for some time on an empty

A Magical Start to 2019

What better way to ring in the new year, than to spend it at the most magical place on Earth? I spent my last day and the first hours of 2019 at Disney's Animal Kingdom and Epcot, and it was literally the best way to end and start a new year. The last time I had been to Disney World was when I turned 22, but I only went to Magic Kingdom. The last time I went to any of the other parks... I was about five years old. The fun did not just end at Disney though, I also went to Busch Gardens and The Kennedy Space Center! We began the day by going to Animal Kingdom, and we explored the entire park. We checked out all the areas, and were blown away by the Avatar section, Pandora! I loved the movie so

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