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Globe trotter made in Guatemala.

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SkeletonHD Review: Black Phantom Stack Skull Bracelets And Odin Ring

If you know me, you KNOW I am big on fashion accessories. I wear many rings, bracelets and switch up my watch to match the outfit I am wearing. Oh and do not get me started on sunglasses, I will never stop talking! I recently came across this brand called SkeletonHD, which is a man's luxury accessory store. I partnered up with them and they sent me their Odin Ring: Black and the Phantom Stack Bracelets. The moment I opened the beautiful packaging I was in love. Since I was very young, I have always worn different types of bracelets - handmade candy ones, leather ones, metal and beads. As my style has matured, so has my taste in what bracelets I like to wear. I have mainly stuck to metal firm

Sin City and City of Angels

If you know me, you know that I like to celebrate my birthday BIG. This year, it was no exception. The planning for my 26th birthday began almost a year ago when my favorite artist announced her Vegas residency, Lady Gaga. As soon as I knew when the tickets were coming out, I set reminders and immediately told my mom that I knew what I wanted for my birthday. We booked our concert tickets and began planning our West Coast takeover. Halfway through our planning, another one of my favorite singers announced a Vegas residency and we immediately booked tickets for her show as well... Christina Aguilera! This trip was shaping to be one for the books! After very long flights, we finally arrived at

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