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Jungle To Jungle Style

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For these outfits, I was lucky enough to be provided with some amazing articles of clothing from Estilo Quetzal. The shirt and the messenger bag that are in the pictures are both from Estilo Quetzal, which is a store in Guatemala, and the messenger bag was personally stylized by Mauricio Samayoa for me. My outfits were inspired by Guatemala and New York. I wanted to showcase the handmade and beautiful colors of Guatemala, with the on-the-go sense that people in New York live. The shirt and bag go great with pretty much anything you wear, so I decided to mix and match them with some of my other favorite pieces in my closet.

If you like any of the items, click on the brand names below and they will redirect you to their respective websites.

Outfit #1


Shirt: Estilo Quetzal

Pants: Zara

Jacket: American Eagle

Shoes: H&M


Sunglasses: RayBan

Ring: Gucci

Bracelets: Aldo and Tionne

Watch: Techno Marine


Rockefeller Center

Outfit #2


Shirt: Gef

Pants: Forever 21

Shoes: Zara


Bag: Estilo Quetzal

Bracelets: Aldo and Tionne

Watch: Techno Marine



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