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Spring Time In Vermont

This month, instead of traveling abroad, I decided to go somewhere in the United States, a place that would remind me of home, Vermont! I stayed at the house of one of my best friends from college, Alison Turner (you might remember her as AliT from one of my past blog posts, read about her here). Alison's house has 50 acres and as you can see from the pictures, it is a farm. Her family has a barn that houses their chickens, sheds that store all sorts of farming supplies, and they even have a sugar house!

I arrived in South Royalton, Vermont Thursday night and was instantly greeted by my second family, the Turners. They had a welcome dinner for me all prepared and it made me really feel at home. My friend Ali and I went to bed early that night because we had a big first day ahead of us.

On my first full day at Vermont, we went to one of my favorite spots in the state, Woodstock! This is a cute little town that houses many unique stores like gift shops, antique shops, bookstores, athletic shops, etc. My favorite part of this town tough, is the coffeeshop called Mon Vert Cafe.

The aesthetic of Mon Vert Cafe is very hipster and rustic. It is located inside a house that was then redesign to become a restaurant/cafe. The staff at Mon Vert Cafe is super friendly and will gladly give you recommendations as to how to make your order even better. My favorite thing to get there is the Green Matcha Tea Latte, and with some minor alterations - almond milk, honey, and a little of vanilla.

Later in the afternoon we drove to Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire to eat some of the famous Morano Gelato. They have all kinds of flavors, I decided on the Crema Alla Ricotta with a little bit of Biscotto. I definitely recommend trying them if you are ever in the area. And while you are at it, definitely check out the stores in the are because they have great deals, particularly since it is a college town.

Friday night we went to my new favorite restaurant in South Royalton, The Worthy Burger, and as you can guess from its name they are extremely famous for their burgers. I honestly fell in love with this place, all of their workers are extremely friendly and will strike up a conversation with you with ease. My recommendations are the signature Worthy Burger and their choice of wine - they have different craft beers but I am more of a wine kind of guy. My wine also got personalized by the bartender! I asked her to make it sweet and she put brown sugar on the brim, and that made all the difference.

To end our night, we walked to a bar across from The Worthy Burger called Crossroads. I have been to this bar in the previous times I have been in Vermont and it is always a great time. Some nights they have live music and Ali has actually performed there a couple of times! The bar even has an area where you can play pool and that is where all the social gathering happens. I will always go to Crossroads every time I go to Vermont, and I highly recommend you do too.

Saturday was a more relaxed day for us. We spent the majority of the morning exploring the 50 acres in Ali's house, I was kind of hoping for a far, very very far, bear sighting or even a deer... but we did not see anything. In the afternoon we drove to Barre, Vermont because Ali had a performance that night at a restaurant called The Quarry. It had been a long time since I saw AliT perform, and I got to say that she is getting better and better!

Our Saturday night was quieter than Friday, we decided to stay in Ali's house and have a nice home-cooked meal with some wine.

Easter Sunday came around and Ali and I decided to dress our best for the family brunch we were going to have that morning. Our meal consisted of Bloody Marys, Mimosas, deviled eggs, and lots of Easter bread! Afterwards we drove back to the area where The Worthy Burger and Crossroads are at, and we had a mini photoshoot by the train tracks. We spent the rest of our day relaxing back at Ali's house watching performances from Coachella and movies.

I had a fantastic weekend with Alison and her family, and I also made some new friends while I was there that I hope I get to see again when I come back, sometime in the summer. Thank you so much to Ali and her family for everything they have done for me and for basically adopting me as their son.

If you want to know about the outfits I wore during this weekend, you can read about it on my previous blog post here.

Until next time!

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