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Inked Ever After

For this post I decided to do something a little bit different, I want you to get to know me! I think that the best way to get to know me is through my tattoos. I have gotten tattooed a total of 16 times by different artists that I have gotten to know and appreciate. I got my first tattoo when I was 15 years old (don't worry my parents approved and they actually paid for it!). My first 9 tattoos were done by the same artist, Oscar Rivas. He is a tattoo artist based in Guatemala and you can check out his work here. So, without further ado let's begin!

Tattoo #1

My first tattoo is an homage to my family heritage and to what my personality is like. I am part Chinese from my mother's side! The Ying Yang represents the balance between body and mind, and I do live by that - I exercise both my body and mind. The dragon represents power and a little bit of bad temper (think of it as waking up a sleeping monster) and the tiger represents assertiveness.

Tattoo #2

For my second tattoo I wanted something that represented my biggest obsessions in life and it just so happens that they all have to do with a lightning bolt. My first obsession was Pokemon, and my favorite Pokemon was, is, and will forever be Pikachu! The second obsession is Harry Potter, and that still remains my biggest one. And the third one is, Lady Gaga. When she debuted as an artist, she had a lightning bolt drawn on her face and she has had a big impact in my life with her songs and with what she preaches.

Tattoo #3

My third tattoo says "Make Your Life A Masterpiece" and if you think it looks familiar it is because it is also on the homepage of my blog! I live by this saying created by me, I want my life to be the best version it can ever be and I want to inspire others to do the same.

Tattoo #4

The fourth tattoo is a treble clef on fire. I designed this tattoo in one of my college courses where we had to create our own companies. I created a record label as my project and this was its logo. This tattoo is placed on my right foot because every step I take, it will be the right foot forward towards achieving my dream of becoming someone important in the music industry.

Tattoo #5

The fifth tattoo are roses in the primary colors and they represent my family. My father and sister are Aries and their element is fire, so that is why two of the roses are red and yellow. My mother is a Pisces and her element is water, hence the blue rose.

Tattoo #6

My sixth tattoo was the first tattoo that truly showcased how much of a geek I am. It is the Triforce from one of my favorite video games, The Legend of Zelda. The Triforce represents power, wisdom, and courage. And I also incorporated the Gemini symbol (that's my sign) in the form of the Tree of Life.

Tattoo #7

The seventh tattoo is a dreamcatcher that was incorporated into my lightning bolt. There is a wolf placed where nightmares are supposed to be caught because the wolf is the symbol of a warrior, so it's there to fight my nightmares away. Then one string is attached to my obsessions, another to a feather that symbolizes dreams and the birds that are flying away are the path to my dreams. The final string is attached to a sword that represents fighting for your dreams.

Tattoo #8

My eight tattoo says "You'll be in my heart" in my mother's handwriting and it is placed right above my heart. This is a song from the movie Tarzan and that is our song.

Tattoo #9

The ninth tattoo is in honor to my favorite movie of all time, The Lion King. It is by far my favorite tattoo because not only is it a true work of art, but because it was the first step I took towards becoming the Wandering Lion!

Tattoo #10

This tattoo was the first tattoo I got in New York. It was done at Ink Couture on Staten Island by their artist Seven. As you can see, it is the Batman symbol and that is because he is my favorite superhero. It just so happens that I am mortally afraid of bats, just like Batman is. This tattoo is also another form of Ying Yang because of the roses. I chose to have the roses in the color scheme of the Joker (my favorite villain) and the full piece represents that there can be no light with a little darkness.

Tattoo #11

My eleventh tattoo was also done at Ink Couture and it is another homage to my obsession with Harry Potter. It is the Deathly Hallows with a feather in place of the Elder Wand because my Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw. The piece is watercolored with the Hogwarts crest colors and it also contains the word that to this day makes me get all the feels, "Always".

Tattoo #12

This tattoo means the world to me. It is the paw print of my beloved golden retriever, I got it as a reminder that she will always be with me no matter where I travel to. I got this tattoo months before she passed away, and I still know she is still with me. For this tattoo I went to a new studio in Guatemala called Soul's Anchor Tattoo and it was done by my new favorite artist, Fernando Chiu.

Tattoo #13

I got my thirteenth tattoo on Friday the 13th for $13 at Ink Couture. I wanted this tattoo to be simple, a little ridiculous, but at the same time represent who I am. So, I got Pikachu with the number 13 on its cheeks. My family always teased me that I should get a Pikachu tattoo, well... here it is!

Tattoo #14

My fourteenth tattoo was in collaboration with my sister and we got it at Soul's Anchor Tattoo. It is another Ying Yang, but this time with the Pokemons Umbreon (on me) and Espeon (on my sister). They also have the Zelda fairy siblings Tatl and Tael. I got the "brother" Umbreon with the sister fairy Tatl and my sister got the "sister" Espeon with the fairy brother Tael. This represents the close bond we share as siblings and that we will always have each other's backs.

Tattoo #15

For my fifteenth tattoo I wanted an owl because they symbolize wisdom and good luck. They also are able to turn their heads 180 degrees to watch their backs. I decided to use Hedwig as the model owl for the piece, because I still love Harry Potter. And I decided to use warm colors on Hedwig since she is a snow owl and a creature of the night (to give it a nice twist) and cold colors as the background color. So in a way, it is another Ying Yang. This tattoo was also done at Soul's Anchor Tattoo.

Tattoo #16

My most recent tattoo is a sketched plane with the coordinates of Guatemala City. This symbolizes that no matter where I wander off to, Guatemala will always be where my roots are at. Guatemala is where I was born and raised and it will always be home. I also got this tattoo at Soul's Anchor Tattoo.

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