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Wandering Lion

Being my birthday today, I wanted to make a very special post this week. I want to let all of you know why I am calling myself the Wandering Lion. My favorite movie of all time is The Lion King, that movie has always stuck with me from a very early age and I even still have a stuffed Simba in my room (no shame in admitting that). To me, The Lion King is one of the best movies ever made; from the script to the music and from the animation to the storyline. Everything about that movie is just perfect. It also became my favorite musical, maybe I might be biased but seeing the musical always brings tears to my eyes because it awakens some nostalgia in me. Years later, I finally decided to make my love for The Lion King permanent and I got my lion tattoo in homage to the magnificent movie.

Lions have always been a huge interest to me, they have been constant symbols of strength and bravery (Aslan in Narnia and Gryffindor in Harry Potter) in my life. A lion is always called the "King of the Jungle" and coming from an actual green jungle (Guatemala) and moving to the Concrete Jungle (New York City) I thought a lion would be the perfect representation of my persona and who I eventually want to become.

The word "wandering" comes from three different standpoints: a traveling one, an industry one, and a state of mind. I am constantly traveling between Guatemala and New York and have since then expanded my horizons to other countries, and will continue doing so! But, I also wander from industry to industry. One day I will be heavily interested in the film industry and the next it will be the music industry, or the fashion industry. And lastly, I also wander between states of mind. I'm constantly looking for different views of life and any other experience, and will always remain open for whatever comes my way.

I want to remain brave in life, I want to be the very best in what I want to achieve in life, and I want to continue exploring every aspect of life; and it is these reasons why I will always be the Wandering Lion.

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