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My Wagner Tale

Today I say goodbye to living at Wagner College. I have been living here since 2011, which is when I came here for college. Now, even though I am still in the process of finishing my MBA, it is finally time for me to move to the Concrete Jungle. There are so many things I would like to say about this place, so many stories I could tell, yet I find it hard to find the words that properly describe how I feel. Instead of writing a huge post about my experience at Wagner, I would like to do a photo diary about each year at Wagner.

I will try to summarize the pictures you are about to see. First off, some of these are ROUGH... bear in mind that we are all young and stupid once upon a time, and that sometimes freshmen in college do not know better. I was one of them. Yet, I always had the best time every consecutive year. During my years at Wagner I joined my fraternity Theta Chi, became a well known international and greek around campus, was in a student production Off-Off-Broadway (lol), was a HawkTalk Blogger for the college blog, was a Peer Leader and then became the Orientation Coordinator, was part of Omicron Delta Kappa: Leadership Honors Society, Alpha Mu Theta: Arts Administration Honor Society, Order Of Omega: National Honor Greek Society, I was part of the Senior Week Committee, graduated cum laude from my undergrad, was a graduate assistant for Campus Life and then for the Physician Assistant Program, went on a medical mission trip back to Guatemala... and on top of all of that, I PARTIED LIKE NO OTHER!

I have learned so much from Wagner, some lessons were easy and others not so much but they had to be learned. My time at Wagner has truly been magical and I do not regret anything I did, not even all the trouble I caused from time to time.

So I hope you enjoy the pictures, I certainly enjoyed going through them and going down memory lane.

Freshman Year:

Sophomore Year:

Junior Year:

Senior Year:

Graduate Year #1:

Graduate Year #2:

Thank you for all the memories Wagner.

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