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Upper East Sider

Hello Upper East Siders, Wandering Lion here and I am already planning my takeover of this Concrete Jungle. Blair Waldorf, you better watch your back! XOXO (I had to do it).

It has been about a week since I moved to my new apartment with my amazing roommates and we have all been exploring the Upper East Side and falling in love with it more each day. I know my last few posts have not been too fashion or travel oriented, but it has been crazy with the whole apartment hunting, moving, and decorating the apartment. But, since we have been exploring this new area I guess you can consider this post a travel one as well.

So far, we have found some great gems in our neighborhood. Our favorite restaurant is Five Mile Stone, they have amazing deals and a great atmosphere, with very friendly servers! We are also a few blocks away from Central Park, and we are right by the Reservoir which is a GREAT place to go running. I have never been one to really run outside, but the view and the weather have made me an outside-runner.

Another great spot for any Upper East Sider that is willing to go all the way East is the Carl Schurz Park. This little park is another great running spot right by the river, has some amazing gardening, statues, and perfect places to sunbathe.

Do not think we are just going to hide away in our neighborhood though, we also ventured downtown to a rooftop party. There honestly are so many places in Manhattan that a lifetime is not enough to discover them all. But for now, I will let the pictures do the talking... the view was SPECTACULAR.

Expect more posts about my adventures in the Big Apple, this Wandering Lion has just begun his reign in New York. Until next time!

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