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Electric Zoo

It has become a tradition for my friends and I to end our summer by going to Electric Zoo, and every year we wish we had gone to more than one day. This year, our crew was the biggest it has ever been and we lost each other a few times but we were always able to find one another in the end.

For those of you that do not know what EZoo is, it is an EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Festival, where there are different stages with a variety of DJs playing throughout the day and night. Think of it like Coachella, but with DJs and the clothing is not boho-chic but just... wild with a lot of glitter. Usually you will see people dressed as animals and have some sort of LED accessory. Sometimes you will see people just naked.

One of my friends and I had VIP bracelets and let me tell you, it made all the difference to be able to go under a tent and be able to munch on all the free appetizers. But, we obviously did not spend the entire time there... we danced at every single stage and we also went to the T-Mobile "VIP" area. In order to get in you had to take a picture of the set up and tweet it with the right hashtags. Once you did that, you were able to go up to their area and stay as long as you wanted.

There are so many things to do and so many incredible photo-ops that honestly you really need more than one day to fully appreciate all the work that is put into creating such an amazing event. The classic things to do are to take pictures with all the different animals that are scattered throughout the area, and take a picture with the main stage behind you.

One important thing to note about EZoo is that it is entirely cashless and cardless. Your wallet is you wristband, which you can load with money before getting to the event or at the different stations onsite. I recommend loading $100 because you will be there for an entire day so you will get thirsty and hungry. Plus, there is always cool merchandise you can purchase!

Our night ended with a downpour. But as cold and wet as we were, you can be assured we kept on dancing in the rain! We all had a great time and we got to see the DJ we were most excited for... ZEDD! We always get lucky that the DJ we want to see most is always playing on Saturdays. But maybe next year we might just go to all three days. We shall see... My next pursuit is to go to Coachella next year, so definitely stay tuned for that!

Until then, keep being wild and always have the most fun you can!

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