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Fall Again

It is my favorite time of year again, fall! I guess I feel very passionate about this season because living back in Guatemala everything was green all year round. I never got to experience a change of season until I moved to New York City, and I immediately fell in love with it. There is something about the chill wind hitting you early in the morning, putting on your favorite jacket, grabbing an infamous PSL and hitting the streets. I like to view this season as the grand finale of nature, every season has its perks but the golden color of fall is the perfect ending to each year.

Why do I love fall so much? I like the colors, I like the cold, I like the atmosphere, I like the fashion, but most of all it means that Halloween is near! And I have a very special surprise for everyone this Halloween, just you wait for that blog post! But anyways, this post is dedicated to autumn, not Halloween.

Even though the leaves have not fully changed yet to the explosion of color, I was able to find the perfect spot in Central Park and I just could not help myself to have an impromptu photoshoot with the foliage on the ground. But, this does not mean I will not have another post where I fully dedicate it to the colors of fall around the entire city.

I like taking pictures that fully capture the essence of each place I go to, and I feel that fall is the perfect season to fully capture the magic in New York. I definitely look forward to my first year living in the Upper East Side during autumn!

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