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Falling for Vermont

I have been dying to see Vermont in the fall, I have been there for every season but autumn. This year I made it a goal for me to finally make the trip to Vermont to see the explosion of colors. One of my best friends and I planned the weekend getaway weeks in advance and we stayed in Royalton, Vermont at my second family's house, the Turners.

The Turners land is farm land and they have multiple barns where they house their farming supplies, house the chickens, and a sugar house. If I had to pick a place where I could spend some time to think, relax, and enjoy the country it would be their house in Vermont. There is a magic there that brightens my mood every time. My friend's family always greet us with open arms and with the most amazing home-cooked meals. This trip would not be possible without their amazing hospitality and hearts.

We spent our first day entirely at the house. We enjoyed each other's company and had time to catch up with the happenings of our lives. It was nice to not have any plans other than just spend time with loved ones for that day, especially because we would be having a very busy weekend ahead of us.

We made our way to Burlington for a day and our first spot was The Skinny Pancake, a really nice and cozy restaurant by the waterfront. This restaurant is known for their amazing selection of crepes, both sweet and savory, and I highly recommend the Hot Apple Crispy crepe. I had a taste of some of the savory crepes as well, but I have more of a sweet tooth.

After our delicious meal, it was time to get ready for our Halloween night out in Burlington! Every year, I alternate dressing up as the Joker and Harley Quinn, and I do a different take on them every year. This Halloween, it was Harley's turn to come out and play. My friend Alison, or better known as Ali T, was a gypsy fortune teller, and my friend Nicole was a bottle of ketchup!

Throughout the night we went to three different bars, we went to the Light Club Lamp Shop, Radio Bean, and we danced the night away at Red Square. It was a night for the books, if any of you saw my Instagram and Snapchat stories... you know that I had a BLAST! All the costumes we saw that night were very creative and everyone was very nice and fun to party with.

The next day we made our way back to Ali's house to get ready for another Halloween night out. This time, we were going to the Farmer's Table Cafe in New Hampshire to see Ali perform. We thought it would be perfect to dress up as iconic musicians, so Ali was Amy Winehouse, Nicole was Janis Joplin and I was David Bowie. The atmosphere at the Farmer's Table was magnificent, everyone there has amazing energy and they move the tables to be able to dance. It was this night that I thought to myself how happy I was to be in that moment with loved ones and watching my friend who is destined to be a star perform.

Our final days in Vermont were spent in each other's company. After two crazy nights celebrating my favorite holiday, it was time to go back to enjoying each other's company. We relaxed and watched movies for the remainder of the days.

I knew I would fall in love with Vermont even more when I saw it in the fall, but I was wrong... I am obsessed with it! It was a phenomenal weekend and being with my friends made it that much better. I want to thank Ali and her family for hosting us and Nicole for driving us there. I will be back Vermont, I promise.

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