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Winter Wonderland

I simply cannot stay away from Vermont for too long. Maybe it's the closest escape I have from city life, or perhaps is the wonderful family that hosts me every time I go. All I have to say is that every time I go, I leave more in love with Vermont.

I stayed with the Turners and like always, their love and hospitality makes me feel like I am their adopted son. It was freezing in Vermont, we were at -20F... I think I can never say that I am cold ever again, especially after experiencing that type of cold! Despite the cold, it made the atmosphere at the house cozier. Alison's father would light up the fire, and we would all gather around it and enjoy some nice drinks.

This time around, Ali took me to what is now one of my favorite spots in Vermont... Sandy's Books & Bakery! As soon as I walked in, I fell in love with the place. This cafe is decorated as a combination of a bookshop and a Lord of the Rings shire, perfect for any nerd like me. This establishment has two floors packed with all kinds of books, and you can read in any of the rooms. I recommend ordering a Vermonter (super delicious coffee) and enjoying the atmosphere of this perfect place.

Driving around Vermont in the winter is just as beautiful as it is during the fall, each season has its different kind of magic. We drove past a spot that during the summer is a beautiful waterfall, but now it is frozen over and it truly looks like something out of Narnia. In order to get closer to the frozen waterfall, we had to climb over two feet of snow... that was quite the show and struggle haha, but once we made it through, the view was amazing!

We also drove past a covered bridge, and I just could not help myself and have a mini photoshoot. I even opened up my Cohiba Cigars! I only smoke cigars during special occasions, and this definitely was one. Why was it special? I am in a beautiful place, with one of my best friends, and I am happy... what better occasion?

I saved the best spot for last, The Inn at Weathersfield! Ali had a performance at this inn one night, and I went with her. The moment we drove up the driveway, my jaw dropped. But, it was once I was inside that I was completely floored. This is the most beautiful inn I have ever seen in my entire life! The decor was still Christmas-themed, and honestly that made the place infinite times better. The owners of the inn treated Ali and I like family and gave us some delicious ravioli. I also highly recommend ordering their signature drink, the Slammer Cider! I wanted to go to a cabin-loft sometime over the winter, but I was not sure I was going to make it, but life has a funny way of granting your wishes. I am 110% sure that I will be doing something very special in this inn in my future.

My travels to Vermont are always phenomenal and dear to me. I always try to find an excuse to go to Vermont, but to be honest the only excuse I have is that I love it that much. I also had to do one last thing before I left... a snow angel!

Thank you to the Turners for an amazing weekend! I love you all so much, you are my family as well. I cannot wait to see you again!

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