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One Year Anniversary

Happy birthday, Wandering Lion! It is amazing that a year has gone by since I created this blog, and so much has happened. I want to thank everyone that has followed this blog and all of my adventures, it means a lot that you look at this blog for inspiration. Looking back on this year, I can say that I accomplished everything that I wanted to do - from traveling to attending special events that I got to share with all of you. I got to travel for the first time ever to Europe, made my first big fashion purchase on my own, and finally move into Manhattan, just to name a few of my favorite accomplishments. For the upcoming year, I have bigger plans - but, I will not be making another anniversary post until the blog turns five years old. I will then revisit this post and compare to where I am then to where I currently am.

I know that I am only a little lion cub in comparison to other big league bloggers, but know that my passion is as big as theirs... if not bigger! Every post I create I always strive to give you better content that the one before, and I promise to continue to do so.

I know it is a short post, but I wanted to keep in sweet and simple - make it feel more intimate. Once again, thank you to everyone but in particular to my amazing mother who has been my biggest supporter. I love you mom!

To sum things up, I wanted to leave you a few of my favorite moments from this past year. I hope you enjoy them!

#Anniversary #Memories

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