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Weekend in DC

After seeing Washington DC over the winter and hearing how beautiful it is during spring, I knew I had to plan a weekend getaway sooner rather than later. Let me tell you, seeing the cherry blossoms was truly spectacular! My friend, Nikki, and I stayed at the Capitol Skyline Hotel, which is a short walk from the Capitol building. We checked in and immediately went for a walk to truly appreciate the gorgeous day it was.

I walked around the Capitol area and was able to appreciate all the beautiful nature that surrounded the building. Since it was a nice day, you could see many people running around the park and sitting on the lawn. At night, we went out in Georgetown. I highly recommend going to any of the restaurants that are by the water, especially if the night is on the warmer side. Special shoutout to Nikki for letting me drag her to the movies that night to see the premier of Avengers: Infinity War!

The first time I went to DC it was SUPER cold, so I really did not want to do much walking. This time around, I walked the entire National Mall! We began at the Lincoln Memorial and worked our way all the way back to the Capitol Building. We were on a little of a time crunch, so we did not get to go to any of the museums that surround the area... but next time we will!

That same day we had one of the first events of the main reason why we traveled to DC, Broccoli City Festival! This is an R&B and Hip-Hop festival, and this year the three big headliners were Cardi B, Miguel, and Migos. Our first event took place at the Google Headquarters and it was the BC Conference. This is a series of immersive panels where attendees can learn how to turn conversations into actions. After the conference was over, everyone headed to Union Market for BC All Night which was the pre-party for the festival. Since Nikki and I were not done partying, we made our way to our new favorite bar in DC, the Public Bar. At this place you pay $10 for UNLIMITED wine, beer and champagne. Boy did we enjoy that night!

On the day of the festival; my incredible coworker, Theresa, took care of us and allowed us to spend our time in... the Artist Lounge! We were sipping our drinks right where the trailers for all the main headliners were! I loved seeing everyone's fashion in this area, you could see people wearing really high-end brands and I definitely saw some inspiring outfits. The festival was so much fun, and my favorite performance was (shocking) CARDI B! She has so much energy and I give her props for getting onstage being as pregnant as she is! I highly recommend checking out Broccoli City's Instagram to get the full scope of both the festival and the organization in itself. (Bonus points if you saw Cardi's interview where she explains the "cold pigeon in NYC", it might help you understand the first picture by her trailer.)

As if Theresa had not been a superstar enough, she also hooked us up with some amazing merchandise! The shirts are colorful and very comfortable to wear. You will definitely see me rocking them often. This weekend was a phenomenal experience and it makes me excited for festival season in NYC! Special thanks to Nikki, my festival partner in crime, for coming with me! And a huge huge HUGE thank you to Theresa for being an angel and spoiling us the way she did at Broccoli City.

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