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Commit to something. Since I moved to Manhattan, I've been wanting to join a proper gym and I had my eyes set on Equinox. I waited almost a full year, so I could be sure that this was worth it. And it is. I want to thank one of my former coworkers, Matt, for giving me an all-access trial. This trial allowed me to try out the club and finalize my decision.

If you are looking for a trial, you can only get one from a member and this allows you to go to any club for three consecutive days. The VIP pass allows you to receive either a free personal training session or a pilates class. After my trial, I knew there was no more pondering, I had to fully commit to Equinox and my fitness and join. For those that do not know, a membership at Equinox is not that cheap, so consider it an investment on your own health (but only if you are fully determined to see results). But, there are ways to save and get a good deal! You should keep an eye out for special promotions, which usually happen during the summer or January (for those New Year resolutions) and generally reduce the initiation fee basically to nothing. You might also want to check if your company has any special corporate deals with Equinox. One final way to save is determining if you want a single-club membership (limited to a specific location, and all the locations have different pricing) or the all-access that will allow you to go to any club in the USA.

Now, let's talk about the actual gym. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! All of the locations have state of the art facilities, certified personal trainers, saunas, spas, amazing grooming products by Kiehl's, studio cycling, yoga studios, pilates studios, personal shop, and even a Juice Shop! Some clubs have different amenities as well. For example, I hear the Equinox at Wall Street has a jacuzzi and the one at Greenwhich has a pool! So if you want to take full advantage of every club, I recommend the all-access membership. Once you have chosen the right deal, then you will get a free fitness assessment, the Equifit, which measures your BMI and all other aspects. You will also get a special meal plan from a personal trainer you get partnered up with, a free personal training session and a free pilates session. I know it might sound intimidating, but it is absolutely worth it! You also get special discounts for your first spa session and store purchase, so get ready to spoil yourself.

After a few days of going and getting your gears in motion, you should definitely look into some of the classes the clubs offer. Each club offers a wide variety of yoga, barre, cycling, and other forms of body sculpting, there is something for everyone! If it has not been made obvious already, I am absolutely in love with Equinox! The community inspires you to keep pushing to become the best version of yourself, and with hard work, determination, discipline, and the right diet, then there is no reason why you should not reach your goals.

Every day I strive to reach the best version of myself. To me, this means having a healthy mind in a healthy body. My inner strength and determination is what's driving me to accomplish this, and I have begun to see results! Another tip I have is to surround yourself with people that share your same goals, and I am lucky to have a close group of friends that care a lot for their health as much as I do, and we even push each other to go even further! Now, I will conclude with the same words I began with... commit to something!

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