Weekend in La La Land

This past weekend I went on some family business to... Los Angeles! I have never been to LA, so this was the perfect opportunity to finally see the City of Angels for myself. This weekend gave me my final taste of summer that I did not know I needed.

Friday was a packed day for us, we spent the entire day in LA's Fashion District meeting with suppliers. I got to see my mom in action and got the inside look to some incredible merchandise that will be coming to our store very soon! The Fashion District reminded me a lot of Guatemala's garment district, I really felt right at home. I also found it very interesting how drastically the aesthetic of the area changes from one block to the next - it went from industrial to trendy.

Once work was done, it was time for me to really see LA. We drove to the Hollywood Walk of Fame during sundown and became true tourists and snapped a million pictures. I had no idea how many stars were on the walkway - I was shocked by some names. I managed to stumble upon some of my favorite stars by luck! You really have to be looking for the names you want, otherwise you will miss them. This area reminded me a lot of Times Square, crowded but not as crowded as NYC. So definitely be prepared to be lost in a sea of people. Especially around the Chinese Theatre, that area was PACKED!

On Saturday we drove to the Santa Monica Pier and oh my God did I fall in love with this place! We walked the entire pier and just basked in the beautiful weather and atmosphere that was around us. As we got towards the end of the pier, we noticed a group of people gathering at the edge... there was a sea lion saying hi to all the tourists and locals! I am not sure if it is common, but I definitely got very excited to see such a beautiful animal out in the wild - and not in a zoo. We did not go inside the amusement park that's at the pier, but I can tell it is a great spot to go with friends on a night out - or even on a first date! I definitely fell in love with Santa Monica, it had a little bit of everything. If I ever decide to leave NYC, this is a strong contender.

Our next stop for the day was Griffith Observatory, and on our way we made sure to drive through Beverly Hills. I was so mesmerized by all the beautiful houses and high-end stores that I did not really take any pictures. The amount of wealth is unbelievable, maybe one day I will join them ;) Once at Griffith Observatory, we made our way to the planetarium to watch "The Light of The Valkyries" show. I highly recommend buying a pass to witness this incredible light show. Living in a big city, you sometimes forget what the night sky looks like and this was an incredible reminder of how it is supposed to look. After the show, we walked around all of the building and the view you get of LA is absolutely breathtaking. If you are in the mood for something educational and experientially rewarding, then this observatory is the place to go.

Our final stop for the night was The Americana at Brand. This is a super cute outdoor mall in the center of LA that has something for everyone. We walked around and saw people laying down on the grass enjoying the weather, others having a nice meal, and there was even people dancing to the live music that was playing! This mall even has a trolly that can take you around the entire grounds if you wanted to, like I said - something for everyone!

During our final day, we decided to go to Universal Studios Hollywood! You do not have to ask me twice if I ever wanna go to this park, especially if it means spending time in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We got there early in the morning and made our way to the Harry Potter rides, since it is ALWAYS one of the most packed areas. We managed to go on the Hogwarts ride and enjoy some ice cold Butterbeer afterwards.

One absolute MUST while at Universal is the Studio Tour. This is one of the most iconic attractions of this park and it is well worth the wait. The tour takes almost a full hour but it gives a taste of how movies are made. I knew going into this tour that we would be going through... Jaws... and with my luck, I picked the seat that is on the side where the freaking shark jumps out of. Being 25, it should not scare me... but it did! It was a good scare though, it was thrilling actually. We managed to go on a few more attractions since the park closes early this time of year for Halloween Horror Nights. But that does not mean the fun is over, we walked around the City Walk to end our day!

This was definitely an express look at what LA has to offer. I got to do only some of the iconic things that you can do while here, and I am leaving with only a small taste... a tease actually. Maybe when I do come back, I will dabble on some night life and spend some more time in the places that I liked best (Santa Monica). But until then, I will keep dreaming of La La Land.

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