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Meet Khaleesi

Welcome to the family, Khaleesi! If you know me, you know I have been dying for a French Bulldog for years but never was able to get one because the time was not right. Now, everything fit perfectly into place and I was able to get my beautiful Frenchie! I got her in Guatemala and yes, I do plan on bringing her back with me to New York... but I have to get her fully trained and medically ready for travel. Expect to see her slaying the New York City streets by the end of September.

I have known for years what my Frenchie's name was going to be, primarily because I am a geek to the core and usually name my pets after iconic characters from books or series I obsess over. I also always say that my dogs are my queens or princesses, so I wanted a name that already meant that. "Khaleesi" means "queen" in the Dothraki language of the Game of Thrones books, and my favorite character from that series is Daenerys Targaryen, better known as "The Khaleesi". Since I wanted that specific name, I also wanted my dog to resemble the character, silver blonde or white, and I was lucky enough to find one!

I've had pets my entire life, mainly dogs, and all have been trained by me. I have also educated myself throughout the years as to how to properly train dogs, so I was not worried at all. My mom, on the other hand, worried that because my best friend was visiting Guatemala with me, that it would hold back on our adventures. I told her that the first few days of having a puppy are CRUCIAL, the puppy needs to know who her human is and whom to trust. Besides, if she is going to be traveling, I need her to get used to it from an early stage. As soon as we picked her up, I got her a collar and leash to get her used to being by my side. At first, she fought and tried to get loose but you just have to make her see that there is no harm and have patience.

Khaleesi came with us to Antigua, and was surprisingly super well behaved. We wanted to go out at night, so I already knew that she would have to be put in a room and risk her howling. My tip on this is to exhaust the puppy as much as possible, clear the room she will be in from anything she could potentially chew on, and set up a bed for her with food and water on the side. This will help her see that there is nothing wrong in the room and will make her feel more comfortable when she is alone. When we came back from our night out, she was fast asleep and had no issue falling back asleep when I brought her with me to bed. Now, what about potty training? That's something that requires even more patience. Best advice I can give is to take out your puppy in the morning, afternoon, and before bedtime so they can do their business. I always congratulate her when she goes to the bathroom outside, and yes, I scold her if she ever pees inside the house.

Within the first few days, Khaleesi learned the basic commands any dog should know: stay, come, and no. Even my mom was surprised to see how much she had learned in just a few days. She even said Khaleesi is better behaved than a child! My little angel came into my life at the perfect time, and I am beyond happy to have her in my life. You will definitely be seeing more of Khaleesi in my blogs, and she even has her own Instagram now! If you want to follow her, it's @khaleesifrenchie. Once again, welcome to the family Khaleesi!

I love you.

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