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Orangetheory Fitness

Now that I will be back home in Guatemala for a bit, I needed to look for a gym that satisfied my needs for a healthy lifestyle. Within the first few days, I had some gyms in mind but none stood out more than Orange Theory Fitness. I have heard of this franchise before, since you can find them in the USA as well. So it really was a no brainer for me to choose to sign up with them for a few months. The facility I chose is conveniently located a block away from work, something that I ALWAYS take into consideration because I hate driving and refuse to take public transportation in Guatemala.

For those of you not familiar with Orange Theory Fitness, the core of it is based on a science called Orange Theory - where the body creates a metabolic after-burn effect when working out in the "orange zone" for about 12 minutes. OTF is not like a regular gym, it is a class-based workout, where a group of people are coached and motivated by a certified trainer. The classes last for about an hour (and some are 90 minutes long), and you track your progress with a monitor that tells you your heartbeat, calories burned, and splat points. Splat points are measured by each minute a person spends in the orange and red zones of the workout. The more points you get, the better! Also, no class is the same - I have been going for about a week and each class is completely different from the last. You have the option of beginning the class on either the treadmill, row machine, or strength station. I personally like to begin running, since it gets my heart beat racing faster.

The atmosphere is super friendly, which is always a plus for me. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by an incredible team and the trainers are always at high energy and will accommodate you to any lesions you might have. The facility is super clean and it's equipped with showers, bathrooms, and lockers. One particular aspect I really like are the motivational quotes that are posted throughout the location.

If you are interested in trying it out, you can sign up for one free class! I was lucky that one of my best friends picked her free trial on a day where the workout was in partners, so we worked together to get as much distance in the row machine as possible. And to be honest, working out is always more fun when you are doing it with a motivated group of people who have a common goal. For my USA readers, you can check out your closest location here and for my Guatemalan readers, check it out here. I hope to see some of you in one of the classes!

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