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Ink Loyalty

If you know me, you know that I am OBSESSED with tattoos. I have a total of 20 tattoos so far, and I am not stopping any time soon. Throughout my ink history, I have gotten tattoos from different artists both from Guatemala and from New York, and they all have done wonderful art on me. But, I have been going to one particular artist for three years and I have to say... I will be staying with him until one of us retires from the game. Dear readers, I want to introduce y'all to Fernando Chiu! If you are in Guatemala, you can find him at Soul's Anchor Tattoo and for those in the USA, check him out on Instagram, @ferfectus, because... he will be going to New York! Fernando will be tattooing in NYC from May 22 - 25. I know many of you have shown interest in my most recent tattoos, so here's your chance of getting a masterpiece on you by my artist! Just shoot him a DM on Instagram, and schedule an appointment with him. Let him know that you were referred by me.

Now, allow me to convince you even more why you should get inked by him by taking you through all 7 tattoos I have gotten with Fernando.

Tattoo #1: Gerty's Paw Print

It all began on January of 2016. I was looking for a new artist in Guatemala and a dear friend suggested I go to Soul's Anchor Tattoo, where she had just gotten a beautiful watercolored elephant. I was very impressed by the technique that I did not have to second guess my decision. I wanted to immortalize my Golden Retriever, Gerty, and decided a paw print would be ideal. I remember I could not find black ink to create the print, so I used rainbow ink and it turned out to be an even better idea! I presented my design to the studio and I got paired up with Fernando. As he was working, we began chatting and we bonded over our love for geeky things. By the end of the session, I not only was blown away by the INCREDIBLE work he had done, but I was also happy I had found my new artist. Later that year, my Gerty passed away but she will always be with me.

Tattoo #2: Sibling Pokemon/Zelda Tattoos - Umbreon with Tatl + Espeon with Tael

My sister and I have always wanted to get something together, and we both love Pokemon and Zelda so we combined those two ideas to create our ultimate sibling tattoo! I got the brother Eevee evolution, Umbreon, with the sister Zelda fairy, Tatl and my sister got the sister Eevee evolution, Espeon, with the brother Zelda fairy, Tael. This was my sister's first tattoo with Fernando, and she was VERY happy with how hers turned out.

Tattoo #3 and #4: Hedwig and Gemini Constellation

My third tattoo with Fernando was Hedwig from Harry Potter, being the HUGE Potter Head that I am, it was no surprise I would be getting more tattoos inspired from my favorite book series. I presented Fernando with the idea about how I wanted warm and cold colors to be watercolored into the design. I let him have creative freedom over what colors to use and where to put them, and the final result was beyond stellar. Then, for my fourth tattoo I was still in the color-frenzy and asked him to create a Gemini constellation with universe/galaxy colors. Again, for this design I only showed him how I wanted it more or less and let him play around with the coloring. To be honest, it feels fantastic to have that much trust in an artist. I know his work is the absolute best and if you let an artist have some fun with it, it will turn out even better.

Tattoo #5: Saint Michael Archangel

It was time for me to switch up the designs a little, I wanted to go back to black for my next tattoos and give them a new twist. So, for my next tattoo I asked Fernando to create my own homage to my guardian angel, Saint Michael Archangel. I decided to part from the usual angel portraits that people get and make my angel a sketched one!

Tattoo #6: Narnia

A simple, yet detailed tattoo with a powerful meaning. It had been years since I went this simple for a tattoo, and somehow Fernando made it look STUNNING! I wanted the iconic lamp post from Narnia with a quote from the series that says "some journeys take us far from home, some adventures lead us to our destiny". As you can see, I truly am a geek with all these tattoos!

Tattoo #7: Greek God of Wine, Dionysus

My latest tattoo is in honor of Greek culture. I have always loved Greece's history and mythology so I wanted to honor it by getting my favorite Greek God. I have to say, this tattoo could really take the cake with the level of work it has on it. If you look closely, most of the tattoo is shaded by pointillism and the Greek column even has cracks on it! The more I look at it, the more details I find. What I loved about this particular experience was how impressed Fernando was with his own work. Even his girlfriend was speechless with his latest work of art!

Whatever your desired design is, Fernando is sure to pull it off even better than you thought. I have gotten very different tattoos with him, and every single one he has absolutely nailed. Take advantage of getting inked by him while he is in New York! Once again, he will be in NYC from May 22 - 25 and his handle is @ferfectus and just let him know that you were sent by me!

Happy inking!

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