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SkeletonHD Review: Black Phantom Stack Skull Bracelets And Odin Ring

If you know me, you KNOW I am big on fashion accessories. I wear many rings, bracelets and switch up my watch to match the outfit I am wearing. Oh and do not get me started on sunglasses, I will never stop talking! I recently came across this brand called SkeletonHD, which is a man's luxury accessory store. I partnered up with them and they sent me their Odin Ring: Black and the Phantom Stack Bracelets. The moment I opened the beautiful packaging I was in love.

Since I was very young, I have always worn different types of bracelets - handmade candy ones, leather ones, metal and beads. As my style has matured, so has my taste in what bracelets I like to wear. I have mainly stuck to metal firm bracelets and single-color beaded ones. The Phantom Stack fits perfectly to my style, especially being all-black. You can never go wrong with black, it is chic and goes well with any outfit. The signature skulls that adorn each bracelet add a level of mystery and make you feel rugged for sure. You can purchase the Phantom Stack here.

Incorporating rings into my style began a few years ago, I have always loved them but felt I could not wear them because of how I was brought up. Now, I never leave the house without a full set of rings. The Odin Ring is the perfect addition to my growing collection, it feels sophisticated and powerful. I particularly like the design of the ring, the use of negative space will always win points in my book. You can purchase the Odin Ring here.

Overall, SkeletonHD has definitely made an impression on me and the rest of their products could easily become style-musts in anyone's everyday fashion. The minimalistic designs of each product make it easy to pair with all types of outfits. Each product is perfectly made and you definitely get your money's worth compared to other competitors. Additionally, you should definitely check them out on Instagram - GREAT aesthetic!

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