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Throwback Post: Service Trip In Guatemala

Having announced my big 2020 trip (I want to go on a wild life service trip to Africa!), I have thought almost every single day if I am built for this. Will I be able to handle a service trip? And, as I was going through my social media, I discovered that I had already done a service trip... in my own country about 3.5 years ago! During my graduate years at Wagner College, its Physician Assistant Program asked for my help to film and produce a video of their medical mission trip. Never in a million years did I ever think I would come back home for college-related business, let alone a medical mission trip! So, I wanted to write this post as a reminder to myself to always expect the unexpected, the best things in life happen when you leave your comfort zone... and that yes, I am ready for another service trip!

I do not want to give up too much in writing, since I did produce a 24 minute video showcasing the entire trip. So I will be brief, this was an eye-opening experience. I grew up very privileged, and many times took for granted what I had. This medical mission trip humbled me and gave me a new perspective of my own country. I want to feel that again, I have been wrapped up in so many materialistic aspects things in life, that I have forgotten what really matters. I went as a videographer, but I also became a translator (learned some medical things here and there!), a tour guide, and a friend. So without further ado, enjoy the video! (Keep in mind that I had very basic video editing skills, so don't be too harsh on me haha.)

If you sat through the entire video, thank you! I hope this inspires you to help in your own country and to eventually help the world.

#Guatemala #ServiceTrip #WagnerCollege #ExpandYourHorizons

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