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Smoke & Mirrors by Ali T

I said it once and I will keep saying it until the whole world hears me, Ali T is destined to be a star! The moment I heard her sing back in 2011, I knew this upcoming artist would make people fall in love with her and her music. I am not just saying this because she is one of my best friends, but because I genuinely believe in her music and adore her artistry. Her lyrics are so raw and relatable that they will hit you right in your heart and draw a tear or two to your eyes. Her latest album, "Smoke & Mirrors", can be bought and streamed on all platforms now! You can check out this YouTube channel to listen to "Smoke & Mirrors" and this other YouTube channel for some of her older records.

The leading single from the album, "Electric Haze", serves as a great appetizer to what's to come and it is sure to get stuck in your head! Uptempo and fun, this song proves that Ali T knows how to write and produce a hit song. But, her genius really shows it deciding to use "Smoking Gun" as the opening track of her album. This song instantly captures your attention due to the use of newscasters talking about the shootings that America has suffered as of lately. The mood and lyrics of the song then wrap around your thoughts and really make you think of the kind of world we live in.

My personal favorite songs are "Playing House" and "Spin". Both songs really made me emotional and have stuck in my head the longest since I first heard the album. "Playing House" is about a woman that finds herself wanting so much more than the life she was expected to have. We are now in a time where, thankfully, we see women standing up for themselves and taking back the power they so much deserve. Never settle for less than what you deserve. Never. Now for "Spin"... Jesus, this song gets me emotional every time I hear it. Written from the perspective of a loved one that will not be around much longer, "Spin" captures the essence of what it means to be someone's person. Love never dies, it just evolves. By the end of the album, you should understand why it is titled "Smoke & Mirrors" - everything seems rainbow-colored on our social media but it is all just a bunch of smoke and mirrors for many of us that have to go through harsher times.

Ali T has something to say, and the world is here to listen with an open heart. Make sure to follow her Instagram, Facebook and check out her website to know where she will be playing and what she is up to next!

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