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A Safe Stay At Barceló

Quarantine life has affected everyone and every single business, most having to drastically reduce their prices to seem more attractive to consumers. Some businesses have had to evolve in order to stay afloat during this crisis, like hotels for example. After being locked inside for over a while, many people would start to lose some of their mental sanity... like I was. So, I began researching places where I could SAFELY retreat for a couple of days. I messaged many hotels, but almost every single one had stopped operations, until I got a reply from Hotel Barceló. I did not think it twice and booked a room for a few nights. (Something to note, I stayed at the hotel before things got much worse but I know the hotel is taking ALL of the precautionary means to stay open and safe.)

Hotel Barceló was, indeed, letting people stay with them - and already had some staying for longer due to travel restrictions and for business. I called them and asked about every measure they were taking to stay clean and safe for guests. Every public gathering area was closed (restaurants, bars, lounges, and the pool), so guests are confined to their rooms if they were to stay at the hotel. Honestly, this was not a problem whatsoever since I really just wanted to relax and enjoy a hotel bed. When I got there, the first thing the hotel staff, which wore face masks at all times, did was take my temperature. I immediately noticed that only essential staff was in the lobby, other than that the hotel really did seem empty. They have hand sanitizer everywhere in the hotel and have it smelling incredibly clean.

The hotel offers two prices, but I strongly suggest you take the one that is a few dollars more since IT INCLUDES BREAKFAST! I cannot express how much I looked forward to getting my breakfast brought to my room. Every morning, I would call to the lobby and give my order - I recommend the french toast and the salmon bagel. An employee would come up, with a face mask and gloves, and hand you your breakfast platter which was well packed to avoid any contamination. I have never ordered room service, and this experience has spoiled me a little bit since I might be more inclined to use the service more. The food was absolutely delicious and it included coffee!

Now, what about housekeeping? Every single day, an employee, fully protected, would come knocking on the door and would offer any cleaning services that we might need - taking out the trash, new towels, more water bottles, new sheets, etc. And of course, we would have to do it ourselves, which was no problem at all. Honestly, the care we got was marvelous and really made us forget that we could only be in the room. During my stay, I did not run into any guests at all, which made me feel safer and in good hands. Additionally, guests stay in rooms that are separated with enough distance to avoid any contact whatsoever.

This stay was exactly what I needed. It gave me the break I wanted; it replenished my energies, cleared my head, and made me feel more relaxed than I have in weeks. To my Guatemalan readers, if you are looking for a break as well - A SAFE ONE - and can spare a few dollars, then treat yourself to a night or two at Hotel Barceló. If you want to stay here, make sure to mention my name and they might just give you a special price!

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