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Chakra Series

In honor of #WorldMentalHealthDay, I wanted to do a special blog post about something that has helped my own mental health this entire pandemic... yoga! I've been practicing yoga for many years but lost the habit and decided to retake my practice at the beginning of this year. As 2020 continued, I included other types of practices thanks to one of my best friends, Lauren Taibi. Lauren is a Holistic Health Coach and personal trainer, you can check out her instagram and see all the great things she does for the human well-being. I've known Lauren for many years now and we have always seen eye to eye when it comes to health choices. I consider her my biggest inspiration in well-being, I've learned so much from her.

Lauren fulfilled one of her dreams by going to Bali to get her yoga certification, a journey I followed vigorously through her Instagram and whenever she could message me. Once she came back, she began giving classes to her friends and family. I had already traveled back to Guatemala, so I missed out on being able to have a class with her physically... but being in quarantine opened up new opportunities for everyone through the digital world. The first experience I had with Lauren was "Deepak Chopra's 21 Days of Abundance", this was a 21 day commitment which was facilitated bu Lauren through text message. Every day, she would send a group of us a prompt, an audio file, and a challenge to complete in 24 hours. This workshop along with the yoga I was practicing on my own began to do wonders for my mental health.

Lauren began giving yoga classes on Instagram Live, but I was never able to see one because of scheduling conflicts. The Universe finally decided to give me what I wanted with one small taste of what Lauren has to offer in one class I took where my schedule finally allowed me to be free. After taking the yoga class, I knew I had to take more - practicing yoga with one of my most dear friends took this experience to a whole new level.

A couple of days later, Lauren contacted me about a workshop she would be facilitating about all 7 chakras. I could pay for all 7 classes or pay each one individually each week, I recommend buying them all since it is more economical and really forces you to commit. Each week, Lauren would email all the participants with a packet of the chakra we would be studying during that week. This packet included: the basic information of each chakra, what it means to have it overactive, balanced, or underactive, what foods help balance the chakra, the mudra, the mantra, the sacred geometry, and journal questions to go along with it. Additionally, we had a private Facebook group where we got to discuss what we learned and posted challenges that Lauren had for us during the week. To end the week, Lauren would hold a virtual class where we discussed the week and she would guide us through a yoga practice and a meditation.

I am incredibly proud of Lauren and thank her for all her teachings. We each must find a healthy way to keep our mental health where we want it to be. It could be listening to music, reading a book, going for a walk, taking a long bath, etc. For me, it's yoga and giving my body the nutrients it needs to live a happy and balanced life.

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