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Futeca Gym

A new journey has begun. I have always taken care of my health but since the pandemic, like many others, let go a little bit and did not workout as often as I wanted. Although I did do some yoga regularly, it was nowhere near the level of effort I used to put it when I did go to the gym. Once everything started to open back up, I still had months left of my membership over at Orangetheory Fitness and I used almost all of them. But, it is honesty time - I was plateauing and was not seeing the results I wanted.

Many things contributed to the reasons why I joined Orangetheory in the first case, one of them being that I did not know how to drive (LOL). Orangetheory was literally walking distance from where I work, so it was super convenient. And, I renewed my membership before the pandemic began. Once we were on lockdown, I began to learn how to drive and when everything was open I changed my workout schedule along with everything else. Traffic is the absolute worst and driving to the gym in the mornings became tedious and required I woke up super early in order to be in time for class. Also, I grew tired of hearing the same songs every single morning. I understand they have to cater to a variety of members so they have to keep the playlists generic, but I simply could not stand it anymore. Long story short, I became very unmotivated and went to the gym 2-3 times a week, when I used to go 5-6 times. So, it was time to change gyms.

I have nothing against the Orangetheory family, they were the absolute best during my time there and I will miss them dearly. But, I am growing and needed a change in order to meet my fitness goals.

Enter Futeca Gym. I have heard of this franchise since I was a little boy, and they even own the Orangetheory franchise in Guatemala! So, I decided this would be a great substitute and would still remain within the same company. I came across this gym during a video production for a client and immediately felt I had found the solution for my fitness motivation problem. I fell in love with the facility, how modern it looked, the number of machines they had, and the location... Literally a 5 minute drive from my house!

I began my new fitness journey on June 1st and now I wake up excited every morning to workout. I am currently going to Futeca Gym Miraflores since it is the closest to me - but stay tuned in a few months when I move and go to a different branch! The Miraflores branch is well-equipped for all types of workouts. The first floor has rooms for cross-fit and calisthenics. They also have all the treadmills, ellipticals, and weight machines on this floor. To finish your routine, they have a food bar where they serve healthy meals!

On the second floor, you will find the locker rooms, a salon, a room for dance class, two rooms dedicated for spinning and bike classes, a room for stretching and the ab machines, and a room for the Functional classes - which essentially are a type of HIIT class. I am honestly very impressed by the facility and I can already tell you I will be reaching my goals here.

In regards to health protocols, they take your temperature at the entrance, you are required to wear a face mask at all times, you have to wipe down anything you use before and after you use them, and they do a general cleaning of all the machines several times a day. So, you can rest assured you are safe here.

I also invested on new earphones, I bought the totally wireless Powerbeats Pro in Glacial Blue and I have to say... WORTH THE MONEY. I am able to workout without having to worry about the cable getting in the way and it feels oh so damn good to listen to my own playlists again. I am finally motivated again and I am happy to join the Futeca family! You can also check out a cool reel I did of my first few experiences at the gym here.

If you are looking to start your fitness journey, Futeca is a good place to start. They offer everything and everything you need to get you on your way to reach your goals!

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