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Guatemala Fashion Week

Guatemala Fashion Week has returned. After what it seems like years of having every runway be digital, it was refreshing to be able to sit at a fashion show and really appreciate the work of art these designers have created. This year, I had the honor of attending all three days of Fashion Week and appreciate all the collections that were proposed. Throughout the blog post, there will be pictures taken by me and by photographer Fernando Garcia. I also have created an Instagram Reel recaping all three days, feel free to check it out!

This year, each day had a different dress code - for day 1 it was “sport fashion”. I was extremely excited to see what guests would wear for this day, since athleisure is very trendy nowadays and you can really make sweats look like something out of a couture collection when styled properly. For my outfit, I went with Nike top to bottom and wanted it to be a little more risqué so I opted for a mesh crop top with my high-waisted pants. Many people did not follow the dress code, which was disappointing but for those who did… kudos to you and being able to follow your assignment!

The designers that presented the first day of Guatemala Fashion Week were: Xicon, Estilo Quetzal, Vittoria, Sharkar, Victoria Rivera, Antony Morato, and Alexander Ayala. Each of these designers had something unique to offer and I genuinely appreciated each collection. I had never had the pleasure of going to one of Alexander Ayala’s shows, and the shock factor definitely helped to be one of the most memorable of the collections presented that day. Now, in al honesty… Antony Morato was the only one that I really did not enjoy. It was to put it in simple words… boring. I understand it is an Italian store, but having some articles of clothing from that store myself, I was expecting something more. They have some truly unique pieces but they failed to showcase them.

The dress code for day 2 was “fashion” which in my opinion was a little too broad. Fashion can be anything, and it was interesting to see what everyone chose to wear to represent that. For me, fashion is where classic and new meet to create something unique. My outfit was a full tweed suit by Le Petite Rouge by Sharon Grotewold and the bag was by House of Kasper. This outfit is one of my favorite pieces I own because it is a new take on a classic, inspired by a Chanel suit but given my own twist to make it more comfortable and versatile.

The designers that presented on day two were: Pink Filosofy, Marco Roma, Mynor Veliz and Adolfo Dominguez. Each article of clothing presented this day was a adaptable work of art. You could style each piece for a gala or for the beach and it would work. I would have to say that my favorite collection from this day was Mynor Veliz, his collection was different and looked super comfortable to wear.

The dress code for day 3 was “cocktail”, which from all three days… was probably my least favorite. Cocktail is not really fun, BUT everyone that attended had their own take on what the dress code was and decided to bend the rules a little bit, just enough to make it interesting. My suit was made by Lanificio Di Livenza, and it is a suit that I had made years ago but had not worn since probably 2017. Thought it was the perfect occasion to take it out for a spin.

The designers that presente on the final day were: Alfredo Martinez, Socarras, and Mariandree Gaitan. True powerhouses from the latin fashion world. All three collections blew expectations out of the water. My standout collection was Alfredo Martinez, his was showstopper after showstopper. The detail in each piece was stellar and the styling was pure perfection.

Some final thoughts on this year’s Guatemala Fashion Week… it was truly great! What I liked best was that each day took place at a different location. The first day was on the race track of Decima Plaza, enhancing the sport fashion dress code, second day took place at the plaza of Quo, and the final day was at Antigua with a perfect views of the Volcan de Agua during sunset. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience and I was honored to be able to be in attendance. Cheers to style!

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