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Hacienda Cielito Lindo

Something that I absolutely love about Guatemala is that I keep discovering new places and they are all incredibly cute and worth a second visit. I keep falling in love more and more with my country the more I visit new places. This past weekend, we ventured out to Chimaltenango where you can find Finca La Loma and at the top, this super cute lodge called Cielito Lindo. Here, you can spend a day riding horses, exploring the land, and enjoying some home-made meals. But, the real fun is staying for a night or two.

There are two main houses in the property, but you can only stay at one (the other one is only for pictures since the owners actually live there). The house we stayed at was equally as pretty though, it had its own personality. The decorations make you feel like you are living inside of an enchanted forest and the Guatemalan colors shine everywhere in the house. There are a total of 5 rooms with multiple beds in each of them, so you can fit up to 15 people! Make sure to bring all your toiletries and towels with you.

The inside is absolutely gorgeous, but I guarantee you will be spending most of your time outside. The house has an outdoor kitchen and dining room - be sure to bring warm clothes for the morning and night! You must bring all the food you want to cook, but there are utensils you can use. Perhaps the main amenity for kids and teens is the beautiful pool with a waterfall replica. It has a kids pool and a deeper one connected by a bridge, perfect for any age! I recommend asking for the pool to be heated since it is FREEZING, so be patient for the water to heat up.

In the afternoon, get ready to ride some horses! You get to enjoy a ride with these majestic creatures around the area and then get a nice cup of tea inside the barn. I actually found the barn-turned-lounge incredibly smart, since it gives you a different experience. I think we spent about an hour in there just admiring the decor, sipping on our delicious tea and enjoying each other's company. At night, you have the option of watching a movie outside (bring your favorite DVD with you). The employees lay out comforters, pillows, and chairs for everyone to get comfy. Make sure to dress accordingly for the weather and bring your favorite snacks with you!

Other activities you can do during your stay is take a tour of the grounds and go into the museum of the original owner, grandmother Tina. The tour takes your through different event spaces, a beautiful church, a replica of Semuc Champey, and talks about the history of grandmother Tina. If you are staying the night, make sure to wake up early so you can... milk cows! I had never done this, so the experience was something completely new to me but I liked it. And of course, you get to try the milk - which is DELICIOUS!

The second house, grandmother Tina's house, is located at the very top of the property and it has more of a lodge feel and look. Like I mentioned, you can't stay here but you can take pictures inside and appreciate the art that is this magnificent house.

At the top, you can also see the stables where you meet the beautiful Spanish horses and ride them too! The horse ride is definitely prettier at the top than in the lower areas, but the experience is still fantastic. Even Kahleesi had a wonderful time meeting her new friends!

So there you have it! If you are looking for something different to do this holiday season, definitely look into Finca La Loma and Hacienda Cielito Lindo. It is the perfect activity for the whole family - even the dogs.

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