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I feel honored to introduce to y'all KIWIBANANA! This is a clothing brand created by Kasper and I, and it is 100% Guatemalan! We have been working really hard to create a brand and style that speaks to everyone - with designs as fun as our personalities!

Fashion has always been a part of my life, so it was only a matter of time for me to take the dive into creating a brand I truly believed in. Kasper and I put our minds together and came up with designs we thought were modern yet timeless. We came up with 5 designs: the first is called KIWIBANANA and it represents Kasper and I, since those are the nicknames we have for each other (I am Kiwi and he is Banana). The first shirt is exactly that, a banana with a green circle representing the kiwi. Our second design, RED LIPS, was inspired in Sharon, my sister, and her red lips. What is more classic than red lips?

Our third design is called CAFECITO, inspired by one of the most sacred rituals in Guatemala... morning coffee! When I think of my home country, one of the very first thoughts that comes to my head is its delicious assortment of coffees - and coffee never goes out of style!

Our fourth design is called KISS and it represents the love we are so lucky to share between each other and all of our loved ones. Nothing will ever be more fashionable than love. Always remember... love is love is love is love!

And our fifth design (for this first collection) is called... KHALEESI! Our pets are always there for us, unconditionally, so they deserve to be made into art.

The quality of our shirt was also taken into strong consideration - we wanted something of GREAT quality and that felt comfortable when wearing. So, all of our shirts are made from peach skin fabric; this textile keeps you fresh, it is stretch, and feels super soft to the touch! Plus, it looks really fancy when you wear it.

I am super thankful to everyone that helped us in creating this brand and our first collection! You can preorder your shirt through our Instagram or our Facebook! Happy shopping everyone!

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