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KIWIBANANA: Wicked Collection

If you know me, you know Halloween is my favorite holiday and I absolutely LIVE for all of October and its festivities. So, having released KIWIBANANA in August I thought it would be the perfecto opportunity to release a second collection during fall, more specifically... during Halloween!

This collection is inspired in another one of my passions, Disney Villains! Kasper and I decided to choose 5 of the most iconic villains and give them the KIWIBANANA twist. Plus, we decided to include one extra design for fun... Keep reading to find out the 6th design we made.

For the Wicked Collection by KIWIBANANA, we chose the mistress of evil... Maleficent!

One of the most terrible villains ever, Cruella De Vil! I mean... what is more evil than wanting to kill puppies?!

The sassiest Greek God of them all... Hades!

The unfairest of them all... the Evil Queen!

The most iconic villain... Scar!

AND THE POISONED APPLE! We think that the Poisoned Apple is such and iconic moment in movie history that we absolutely had to include it. So there you have it, the Wicked Collection by KIWIBANANA! These shirts will be a Limited Edition and will only have one production, so make sure to preorder yours NOW! We will be taking preorders for you to receive your shirt the first week of October, just in time to welcome... Octoberween!

You can preorder your shirt on our Instagram or our Facebook!

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