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La Fortuna Atitlan

Guatemala never ceases to amaze me with the little hidden gems around its beautiful land. This time around, we stayed at the boutique hotel, La Fortuna Atitlan. This hotel is located in Patzistoz which is right between Panajachel and Santa Cruz La Laguna; and the best way to get here is by boat from Panajachel. Since La Fortuna is a boutique hotel, there are very few rooms and they book FAST, so I recommend you plan far ahead of your stay. The most popular room is their Deluxe Suite - which has two floors and a private mini pool. We stayed at the Petit Bungalow 3, which is very small but super cozy.

This hotel is fully ecological and uses solar power to power up and heat up everything in their property, which we thought meant that the shower would not be as hot... but we were wrong! There was hot water! One of our favorite aspects of our room was the outdoor bathroom, which truly made you feel like you were immersing yourself with nature. Do not worry, the bathroom area is enclosed by bamboo, stones and other trees to cover you from any wandering eyes. Every room has a little porch area and a loft - perfect for any meditation sessions!

The staff is super friendly and guide you through all the safety protocols when arriving at La Fortuna. They explain everything, down to the last detail of how the hotel works, that way you are ready to fully enjoy your stay! The reception serves as its bar, restaurant, and pool area - which has two pools: the really cold one (but feels so refreshing!) and the jacuzzi which is heated up during the day by fire wood and is ready at 4pm for use. La Fortuna has something for everyone, there are swing sets overlooking the lake, a gym, a rope bed that’s suspended over the lake, and sun chair for tanning.

The hotel also offers paddle boarding and kayaking for its guests, so I would absolutely recommend taking advantage of this. I’ve always been a fan of kayaking, so it was a refreshing adventure to get to explore the lake a bit more. My tips if you decide to kayak: be aware of waves caused by passing boats, don’t paddle too far because it may take you longer to come back to the hotel - since you already used some of your energies paddling, and jump into the lake once you come back to the hotel to refresh your body.

Some things to take into consideration when booking for La Fortuna: you have to stay at least 2 nights, it will not allow you to book for just one night - which is perfect because that way you actually enjoy everything the hotel has to offer. If you are a party of 3, you have to pay $50 per night for the third person since the hotel is very small. Happy hour wine is just $3, so make sure to be very thirsty for when happy hour rolls along! And, there are a lot of bugs - you are in a jungle, so definitely expect to see a lot of bugs. Overall, I loved my stay at La Fortuna and would 110% recommend it to anyone who is looking for a little luxurious adventure in the jungle. Thank you to my loved ones for joining me and adding another memory to our books. And, you can check out the reel I made here.

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