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My Muses Pt. 3: My Grandma

For the last part of "My Muses" blog series, I proudly present my grandma, Lucrecia! My grandmother has been one of my guardian angels since the moment I was born. She is one of my favorite human beings in the entire world, and the love I have for her does not compare to anything. My grandmother is the original fashionista and traveler, so there is no surprise there where I got my interests from. She has traveled all over the world and IN STYLE. Honestly, there are very few grandmothers that looks as perfect as my grandma does in anything.

My grandma has been married to my grandfather for 51 years and since then they founded a textile company named Waldmar and G'Netzer - and that is how the family fashion empire begun. She is the one in charge of all the paperwork of both stores and a little bit of finances as well, and she gets a say in what textiles she likes! Ever since she was a little girl, her passion was to look good and dress herself up so founding these companies were aligned with her likes.

Another of my grandma's passions was decorations - she LOVED to make everything look better, so much that the house she lives in (if you've seen it, then you know!) was fully decorated by her! Her house is her greatest masterpiece and it has been used many times for video and photoshoots. If she had to pick one room as her favorite, it would be her kitchen. She remodeled her kitchen almost 15 years ago, and it looks timeless. My grandma is a splendid cook, everything she cooks is absolutely delicious! I never refuse anything of what she makes... except meat of course hahaha! We might not have had the Easter that we had hoped for but she still baked some torrejas, which were devoured by everyone.

My grandma has kept an incredible lifestyle and some of her life icons include: in fashion: Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad; in culinary: Adrian Ferra and in decorations: everything that is featured in the magazine "Hola!" - European. When it comes to traveling, her favorite countries that she has visited: all of Asia! (I have yet to explore more of Asia, but I have heard many splendid things about the rest of Asia).

I asked my grandma where she saw herself in 10 years and she said... in the graveyard... I SCREAMED AT HER! In 10 years she will be 81, still plenty of life ahead of her! So, she changed her answer to: "enjoying life and every great grandson/daughter that is to come". If you have met my grandma, you know what a wonderful woman she is and should consider yourself lucky to have been in the presence of such a wonderful soul.

I love you grandma!

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