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San Juan Del Obispo

With national tourism starting back up in Guatemala, it was time for me to reconnect with one of my favorite places in Antigua, San Juan Del Obispo. This little town is located in the outskirts of Antigua and is home to some of the most unique experiences Guatemala has to offer. One of these experiences is the Museo Del Nispero, which is located at the entrance of the town.

This museum is free to all who visit and has some surprises along the way! When you first walk in, you have to follow all the health-protocols before your experience can begin. You will be greeted by one of the owners of the museum, who will guide you through a brief history of this fruit, its uses, and... some tasting!

First up, you will be taken to a room that has the entire process of creating the Nispero drinks. Here, we learned that the fruit was first exported from... Japan!!! The fruit is planted near the volcano and requires a days trip to harvest and bring back to begin its process of fermentation.

You get an explanation of different ways the fruit is fermented for different uses - all which can boost your health, appearance, and even fertility! I recommend coming with a somewhat full stomach since you will be tasting a lot of wine which can make you a little woozy towards the end. Some wines are sweeter, some bitter, and some are VERY strong. But, they are all magnificent and they have even won awards for how good they are.

My favorite was the wine of Chicha, so I had to buy a bottle for later! The place is very cute and I like how they take pictures of all their visitors and post them around the museum, it adds to the experience and the credibility of just how good their products and experience is! So, if you are looking for something different to do in Antigua and want to venture to the outskirts, San Juan Del Obispo is your place to go for a little peace and quiet sight-seeing.

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