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Sweet Tooth

We have spent over 100 days in quarantine and we have adapted marvelously, along with many small businesses that have really impressed me. I have seen many of my friends and family members create new ways of generating an income, and the best one is perhaps FOOD. Who doesn't love a marvelously baked good? So, during the time I have spent not going to restaurants, I have turned to food delivery every now and then. My family and I have ordered pretty much from every possible place - but our personal favorites are closer to home: Nic's Bakery and Honest Kitchen. Make sure to check out their Instagrams to see more yummy pictures!

This past weekend I wanted to host a special event with my family, where we would order our favorite desserts from Nic's Bakery and Honest Kitchen, make some coffee, and enjoy each other's company. Nic's bakery is owned by my cousin and his girlfriend and they have created a wonderful desserts menu that is sure to make your mouth water. Some of our favorite orders are: the chocolate chip cookies and the cinnamon rolls! Seriously, we love the cookies so much that it's not rare to find a new box of cookies in my house every week. For this event, I ordered a box of cinnamon rolls - let me tell you... I am very particular when it comes to this dessert and my cousin has surpassed all my expectations! I will never be able to eat another cinnamon roll that isn't from Nic's Bakery.

The second place we ordered from was Honest Kitchen, which is owned by one of my best friends in Guatemala, Gaby Chavez! Gaby is a Guatemalan chef with prestige, she has worked with some of the best chefs and restaurants in Guatemala. We became friends from the very first day we met, maybe it's a gemini thing... haha! Gaby is one of the purest souls I've met and I believe in her cooking a lot, I've even tried making some of the things she posts in her stories. I first saw the double fudge brownie in stories and I immediately knew I had to try one. Something I absolutely love about Honest Kitchen is that Gaby bakes the food a few hours before it gets delivered. This little detail makes all the difference, it means she LOVES what she does and wants her customers to enjoy every bite.

I ordered a second item from Honest Kitchen, the cookies filled with dulce de leche! These cookies are to be baked at home, so Gaby sends the cookie dough frozen and gives you special instructions for the storage and baking of the goods. I tried baking them myself, did not really know what I was doing since I am not the best cook haha (even with instructions), but they still tasted AMAZING! We had some glaze leftover from my cousin's cinnamon rolls, so I put some on top of the cookies and they gave it that little extra kick for even more flavor!

One final dessert we had on the menu was, oreo cheesecake! This dessert was made by my sister, Kasper, and I! It was not hard to make at all and it tasted HEAVENLY. Thankfully, I had my sister to guide me while I helped making it so I wouldn't ruin it haha. My cousin liked the cheesecake so much that he might just add it to the Nic's Bakery menu! So stay tuned!

It was the perfect amount of desserts with a nice cup of Guatemalan coffee for an afternoon spent with my family. It's the little moments like this that I cherish dearly and will remember forever. Thank you to my cousin and Gaby for creating businesses that satisfy my sweet tooth!

Did I mention that the desserts can be eaten any time? Yeah, I had cake and cookies for breakfast on Sunday haha because why not? Treat yourself and love yourself.

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