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The Makeover - Ali T

One of my favorite rising stars and long time bestie, Alison Turner AKA Ali T, has released a remastered album with a handful of her most iconic songs! She cleverly named it, "The Makeover", which fits Ali's aesthetic perfectly and encompasses what the album is. You can find this album, along with the rest of her work on her site:

I have known Alison for about 10 years now, and I have seen her grown as an artist tremendously. I am honored to say I was by her side when she performed for the very first time at The Bitter End in NYC (Lady Gaga has played there!) and whenever she had a live show in college, I would attend. Even when I visit her in Vermont, I like to go to all of her shows. Ali T is an artist that oozes authenticity and you can truly feel it when she plays live.

Whenever a song by Ali comes on my shuffle, it takes me back to our good old college days. So, going into my first listen of "The Makeover", I had to get some tissues ready in case I got super nostalgic.

I am actually writing this review as I listen to the album, that way y'all get my most honest thoughts!

The albums opener, "Amethyst", is one of my favorite tracks Ali has ever written and produced. Hearing the melodic strings of the song gives me so much peace and gets me ready to the whimsical ride I am about to go on. "Spring (Come What May)" holds such a dear place in my heart, since it is a song she wrote for our friend group when we were all graduating... and saying our farewells to each other. It was so hard not to tear up during this song!

The following tracks, "Fine Wine" and "Nights Like These" feel like classic Ali T songs that have been brought into new light and get you ready for the more trance-pop "Sitting Pretty". The placement of these three songs is so so so good, I really enjoyed how you could appreciate Ali's range from mellow to dangerous.

Ooooooh! "Girl Meets World"! Another song that I absolutely ADORE! We actually shot the music video for this song for a college project and it really fits the song perfectly. The following tracks, "Puppet Master" and "Invisible Nightmare" sound absolutely fantastic remastered! Ali is known for her talent on the guitar, and hearing the piano in one of her songs is actually pretty pleasing since it is a sound we are not used from her. I must say, I was not very familiar with these two songs but I am LOVING them. Ali's lyrics are almost hypnotic, they make you really want to listen to what she has to sing.

Wow... she really gave "Footprints" and incredible new vibe. An 11 year old song made anew! I like that you can feel how the old and the new came together in this song. Just like the rest of the album, "All That I Am" has some great added new beats that make the song feel like it came out just last week.

"ONE LIKE ME"! SHE CLOSED THE ALBUM WITH HER BEST SONG! Wow wow wow, I was so used to hearing this song with just the guitar that these new sounds are just making the song sooo much better! This was the first song I ever heard Ali sing, and I instantly fell in love with it. This song is pure Ali T - the melody, the lyrics, and the FEELING! Fun fact, this music video was also shot for a college project!

Great album. Perfect mix of newer songs with some oldies, and they all feel like Ali through and through. Honestly, listening to her sing makes me want to book a flight back to Vermont just to go to her shows. Incredible job, Ali, I am so proud of you! Love you so much, hope to see you and hear you sing soon. <3

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