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The Trends Experience - Updated

When it comes to eyewear, I always look for the best brands and when it comes to brands, I remain loyal to those with the best experience. In Guatemala, there is no better place than Trends The Eyewear Boutique - I have gone to Trends for both of my eyeglasses purchases and every time I am treated with excellence.

One of their boutiques is located at Oakland Mall, on the second floor. Right from the entrance, you are greeted by the sight of the best brands in the world: Cartier, Gucci, Fred, Céline, and other brands that you can only get at Trends - and soon there will be a heavily coveted brand so stay tuned! The team that helps you out is highly trained professionals that can assist you in telling you about what type of frame fits your face best, what color suits you, and they even have an eye clinic!

The clinic is located inside the boutique and has the number one professional eyesight exam of the country! It is highly recommended you get one done every year, so it was around time for mine. Just a disclaimer, my eyesight is fine but looking at a screen for too long has taken its toll on my eyes so I do have glasses with prescription and the blue light glass. The exam is quick and easy, they even tell you what is your dominant eye! (Mine is my left, which happens a lot for right-handed people.)

I selected my favorite pair of Fred glasses, an exclusive brand to Trends - which if you have been keeping up with my Instagram stories and posts, you saw that I posted them a while back! It was love at first sight, no pun intended haha, I saw them on someone else and I decided that I just had to have them. So, I visited the boutique, picked the glasses out, took my eye exam, and sent them to get the prescription and blue light glass installed on them. The process takes about 2-3 business days but once they are ready - they are PERFECT!

Now, Trends is working on something very special to give customers and even better experience... and my mom will be the first one to try it out! So in order to prepare for it, I took my mom to the store to pick out her favorite pair of sunglasses. Needless to say, she could not decide - she wanted them all! After browsing for a while, she picked out her favorite two: Céline and Tiffany & Co. sunglasses. Which one did she pick? I guess you will have to wait until Thursday morning to find out!

Stay tuned to my Instagram stories on Thursday and for the update on this blog later in the week to find out exactly what the new Trends experience will be! I guarantee you will be wanting to contact my mom or me to get the Trends treatment yourself.


Today, we got the Trends experience I was telling you about the other day - it was a private viewing for friends and family by invite only through my mom. Trends was kind enough to open up the boutique early for our party so we could all shop around and get treated to some surprises.

We had a tea tasting from this up-and-coming brand called, InFussion. I am not much of a tea drinker without any sort of sweetener, but I gotta say that I actually liked it very much and gave me the boost of energy I needed in the morning.

We all got treated to some mimosas!!! Honestly, any experience that includes mimosas will always be memorable for me - especially if it includes some shopping with it. My mom and her party got to try on different brands and even got a special discount if they wanted to purchases a pair of shades or glasses right on the spot - which they did! And as to which pair my mom chose...

She picked the Tiffany & Co. shades! We all had a truly wonderful time, thank you Trends for spoiling us and treating us with excellence. You have definitely earned some loyal customers!

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